Last night we went to Windsor (Canada) to attend a lecture at the Windsor University. There were five speakers; Monte Martinez and Andrew Herscher were two of them. Great to learn about different projects in Windsor, Winnipeg and Phoenix too, through the other speakers. When you come to think of it, it’s kinda silly that there is no real connection between the cities of Detroit and Windsor yet. It's just across the river!!

Afterwards we went over to the house of Tim, Ben and Eric to drink, talk and shoot some pool. It was a great evening (considering the hang-over I had this morning). It’s great to realise that every single conversation we have keeps on contributing to our understanding of this city and its complex dynamics and ethics. Today we had more of those talks with Dan Pitera, Andrew Herscher and Scott Hocking. Afterwards we went in to the Warren street building that was bought by KT and 555. Freakin’ great place that is. It used to be a cigar factory. We got up on the roof that has a fantastic 360˚ view on Detroit. That place definitely gets you to think of all the things you can do with it. Imagine!


Please the goat

Today, we’ve helped KT out a bit at the Catherine Ferguson Academy Farm. It’s a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and refreshingly cold.

We milked a goat… It pleased her while she was eating.

And we fed the chickens, geese and bunnies too. KT says we’re real good farmers, ‘cause we chose, out of our own free will, to clean out the bunny cages. The bunnies were grateful.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a fantastic Rhode Island Clam Chowder and a sandwich at Russel’s Deli. KT traded two jars of fresh goat milk for super sandwiches and soup. That’s cool.



It’s snowing big time at the moment in Detroit. Schools and Universities are closed, meetings are cancelled, and traffic goes slowly, permanently trying not to get stuck in a pile of snow.

Interestingly enough, this situation opened up a scenario for a mind-twisting conversation (coincidence or fate?). If not for the snow, my mind wouldn’t be triggered as it is right now, spinning around issues of resentment, community, decadence, collaboration, hierarchy, acknowledgment, reflection, arrogance, energy, and world dominance. There is something about the friction or duality and complexity of thoughts within a single individual that is so appetizing. I am certainly not talking about myself right now, but more about the mind torture that is created through a unique meeting over breakfast (garlic potatoes, scrambled eggs, latte and bread). There is a subliminal understanding which is hard to grasp and put into words though. So we’re faced now with the challenge of structuring everything we’ve learned so far during our stay here, and putting it into action both in Utrecht as well as in Detroit. It is energising and scrumptious to say the least.

For now, this is all pretty cryptic, but be sure to be posted on the practical outcome of it all.