Clearly not all about Detroit

It's been 380 days since we left Detroit. And by we I mean Joao and me.
It's been 24 days since they left Detroit. And by they I mean Jonas and Chris.
It is quite evident that our focus on the city differed and while our translation process is coming to an end, theirs has just begun.

We embrace the uniqueness of the moment and feel the need to reflect upon, not so as to give an elaborate view on the effect Detroit had on all of us, but to investigate the nature of the 'residency', the failures and successes of any translation attempt, and the identity of the 'artist in residency' - who ever this body and mind is or has become.

Therefore we would like to invite everyone to an event on Friday the 16th in the Kanaleneiland apartment of Expodium, in Utrecht.
Following up is the press release! Have a look and drop by!

Two artists that have been building on their experiences from a residency period in Detroit (that's me and Joao) encounter two artists that have just returned from that same city (that's Jonas and Chris). A unique confrontation that will leave you pumping with energy for new plans.

During the night you will see some work-in-progress, an innovative publication project, provoking political presentations and much more. Everything stems from the possibilities the Detroit program offers to be used for an extensive period and on multiple locations, in a constructive way.

The four artists take you along locatie:KANALENEILAND and open your eyes towards possibilities that come into existence when you apply your experiences to a new context.

After all these insights we'll get a party going on the tunes of DJ Lonely and Baba Electronica.

A brief preview:
Michigan left
by Chris Meighan

Electro lecture
by Jonas Ohlsson

Launch of the DBA_IDURLL* publication project
Nikos Doulos | João Evangelista
* DETROIT: BACK TO THE FUTURE/ARCHIVE OF IMPRESSIONS between illusion and delusion, urban and rural, living and leaving