betsy needs a new love

a flirting lexicon for whomever might be interested in taking care of betsy

agent pink, green, purple, blue, white, orange
mae west
forced draft urbanization
WHO consultation on tolerable daily intake of dioxins
, may 25-29 1998 geneva, switzerland
arthur galston
operation ranch hand
'i prefer a stick on my hand than a tiger on a leash'
the buffalos are better off at ny
incinerators as an (un)conscious agent of gentrification

'i prefer a F340 2v to a C123'
greater resource recovery facility as the gang rape of american english
newnewnew : snuff architecture, gets you a high harder than ruin porn, doublebarreledsawedoffshotgun style
damn im pissed
storms make great coolers
suburbian turkish baths flat-tar-pit water fountains
black ops, and the amazing houdini within the theater of war
linda baptized me jay, jay jenkins, my pleasure, your potato salad is the best
viktor yushenko got it
2,3,7,8 - Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin you gotta love it!
gorilla, gorilla, gooooooori-laaaaaa
great liars are also great magicians
deceptionists at war
romanticizing irony as a survival strategy towards the vertigo of bitterness
aestheticization of disappointment
adolfo luxúria canibal, lúxuria da parte da mãe, canibal da parte do pai
the dukes of hazzard, yes, thats them, us maybe one day
wastecap are cool dudes, i hope to grow one day to be like them
Jack Bauer on the phone: 'Chloe, im going dark, off the grid!'

PS: treat her gently, and wild


  1. Yo Dude! wild associations!! (what have you been smokin'???)

  2. been smokin' the fresh air of belle detroit!

    gets your mind spinnin' and your heart racin'!

  3. Anonymous9.7.10

    certainly more wild than gently

  4. nah, so far, has been very gently... wildness still to come, fear and loathing las vegas style i hope. less than that, only disappointment

  5. Anonymous12.7.10

    wreck hotel rooms, destroy cars, hallucinogenic trips.... that kinda wild??