downtown synagoge D.

Dan Land and Gabe Hall's trippy video projections

Saturday night we joined the Block Party taking place in the Downtown Synagoge. The party was an one night event in the synagoge and Cafe D'Mongo's. Dan Land, one of the guys responsible for the projection on the windows of the space guided us through the first floor and gave us a brief description of what the event was all about.
On the ground floor, local artist Marianne Audrey Burrows was painting a giant mural while Lightning Love were performing live.


Block Party was a "inch-vestors" event in relation to the LOVELAND Micro-Real Estate, an organization that sells virtual space in an online "micro-hood" for $1 per square-inch as a fundraiser for real places in Detroit.
I remain a bit hesitant about joining the cause, not in the sense of applying hard core criticism to the idea but due to my inability to identify the ethics around me performing that act. So LOVELAND guys and supporters bare with me for a while, and I promise to get back to it as soon as I have a clearer view.

PS. Needless to say that the space is captivating - to say the least.

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