getting down and dirty

Continuous meetings and discussions kinda prevented as from getting our hands dirty recently.

We decided to limit our "verbal interactions" to one and engage more to physical tasks, helping out KT and 555 on their daily routine.

Week kicked off the day by taking three - weeks of recycling disposals to the recycling place and drove afterwards to the farm to load compost on Kt's truck for her garden.
Returning back to Fransworth we assisted in placing the compost in the right locations for Kt to plant her new seeds, took a nap and headed to 555 to help the guys move stored stuff from the old police station down at Mexican Town.

Collecting compost for KT's garden, loading it on the truck.

Loading off the compost from the truck to the garden.

We ended the day with a beer at the Motor City Brewery, where Marianne was exhibiting her painting.
My whole body is in pain but i tend to laugh about it. How's that for a city boy engaging to a good deed?

"Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds."


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