KT's brain

Kt is one of the founders of The Yes Farm, an artist initiative created in 2008 at the corner of Fransworth and Moran St.

Gentrification processes in San Fransisco led her to the decision of leaving the city and a community of 16 artists and move to Detroit.
She has been living in Fransworth St. for almost 4 years now.
Looking for a residence in a community that could identify with her life style and practices, she engaged herself in a "house hunt" of approximately 50 locations until she decided to move to her current base.

She is responsible for several gardens withing the city, teaches in summer courses of gardening and art for children and has a strong moral awareness of where she is spending her energy and money.

"artists can live everywhere as long as it's free"

Having a clear understanding of Detroit's potentiality, she believes artist initiatives and farming activities to be major players in the remaking of the city.

She considers gentrification to be an unavoidable effect but is in constant critical re-evaluation of the causes and processes that constitute and enhance it.

We like Kt.

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