the man that could take us to places around D.

Last night we got introduced to "the man that could take us to places around D".

"Now," said Doug, "we want to find a place where we won't be observed to vanish. There'll be survivors. Some. We don't want any of them to remark the two of us vanishing into thin air immediately before the flood comes. The hole point of project Tic-Toc is that in order to influence history it must never be mentioned in history. "
"The Time Tunel", copy of 1967. The novel is a written adaptation of the famous 60s tv series under the same title. Bought from Ferndaele for one dollar.

Thinking about the life spam of an action and the life spam of its consequences.
Thinking about the perception of a monument and the perception of a ruin.
Thinking about the need to preserve and the unavoidable transitory nature of preservation.

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