on redefining critical discourse and the proliferation of small miracles

this coming July 12th - 30th 2010 there will be a 3-week intensive class on 'Abandoned Practices – something out of the ordinary' at the School of Art Institute of Chicago.

its hosted by members of a company named Goat Island, which i spent some time with, back in 2006 in Cork, Ireland.

bellow is a quote of their working philosophy, which i find pretty amazing:

"We want to keep the creative mind engaged as we engage the critical mind. Critical does not mean negative. It means discerning, or able to separate into parts. Whatever we look at, the spot upon which we focus our energy seems to proliferate.

If we focus on a problem, we start to see problems everywhere. We become one who is defined by the perception of the proliferation of problems. Because of this approach, the creative mind often seems to shut down when critical discourse starts.

If we focus on a miraculous moment instead, we start to see miraculous moments everywhere. We become one who is defined by the perception of the proliferation of miracles.

Try the second of these approaches. Think of a creative response as your own work that would not have existed without the work you are responding to. Start with the most obvious miraculous moment that you see in the work. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to anybody else.

You may have an association with that moment. You may want to echo it, multiply it, or work from it in some other way. Work out from that moment. The moment may have been intentional or accidental. Instead of a moment, your starting point might be a structural element, a visual element, a spatial element – anything.

We want to destabilize the boundaries between critical modes and the creative modes in order to enrich them both."

quote from http://www.goatislandperformance.org/creativeResponse.htm


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