while flies slide my screen, i post some usefull and no-usefull links

hi there, bellow are excerpts of my email correspondence with a guy called Theun.
he's a pretty decent fellow, you should meet him one day. you can have some pretty laughs while travelling on a train, or working on a film set.

While you're there you might want to take a look at this initiative:


It's a new view of culture and economy based on a different way of looking at work.
The way labour is structured, with the level of wages and keeping as few people in in the production end of things as possible, is reaching its limits. New technologies like digital fabrication, make it possible for small groups of people to do what until recently could only be done by large companies. This initiative looks at the chances these new technologies offer to small communities.
The guy at the root of it is called Fridjof Bergmann. I think the first community is starting up here, but I'm not sure if there is anything happening yet at the location:


We spoke on the train a while back about alternative economics.
And this week the Bijlmer Euro is launched.


Also interesting maybe my friend Dougald's initiative:



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