audio recording of SOUP event, with timecode for easy listening

a preliminary study on hosting dinners and food for thoughts, and first encounters with engagement art

(or why we are looking for a balance between intervention and integration)

Soup audio documentation by anonymous bystanders

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// timecode :

00:00:00 //waiting for the soup to get cold

00:01:16 //'are we recorded?'

00:02:19 //joao and nicos double checking script for evening, after realizing that the audience number was double than usual

00:04:24 //smoking a cigarette outside mexican bakery, 4330 West Vernor Highway

00:06:06 //'got to give a lil'congo up there man'

00:06:16 //'hey, er.. you wanna crawl under that truck tomorrow?'

00:07:38 //preparing to start

00:08:04 //looking for a frying pan to hit on

00:09:39 //beginning announcement

00:13:15 //one hundred and twenty persons serving soup, salad and desert

00:21:09 //joao meets mark and jake

00:22:20 //'what kind of soup is this?'

00:26:29 //niko joins the conversation with mark and jake

00:29:48 //'the last piece of bread...'

00:30:43 //joao gets niko's bag from under someone's bottom

00:31:25 //'thank you guys for ... '

00:32:29 //nikos and joao look for the right moment to start the show talk dinner

00:32:48 //two unknown persons talk about sitting devices

00:33:21 //joao, miserably, attempts to get audience attention by playing the piano

00:33:36 //dutch eric saves the day by whistling, which joao and nikos dont know how to do

00:33:42 //'hello! its us again.' nikos and joao start the show talk dinner

00:36:17 //the idea of agency - a sketch and a question, third parties and communities

00:40:55 //a (failed) attempt to go high-fi and the uselessness of a microphone

00:41:45 //an everyday life performance of taking care

00:42:47 //re-arrangements of space, inability to use a microphone-part 2 and 'it has been five weeks...' - a series of interrupted acts and thoughts

00:43:38 //urban farming in detroit and over there, when art becomes social intervention and alternatives it creates

00:45:05 //'lets quit the high-tech shite' ... giving up on the microphone and the simple act of talking louder

00:46:38 //'a better future...'

00:48:30 //on staging social events and so-called realities

00:51.33 //quoting 'art in america' and recalling the experience in D, doing and agency

00:54:17 //skype sounds in the back, promising an unexpected appearance

00:54:44 //actually it's not that different at all

00:55:19 //'necessity is the mother of all invention'

00:58:52 //mistranslations, rephrasing ones thoughts, and how to agree on disagreeing

01:03:50 //'entitlement mentality', 'the system has failed us' and 'who's teaching our children?'

01:05:53 //'one last comment and lets go for the soup proposals'

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