Detroit Techno...an overview of the underground

Here is a 62.25 minute mix of classic Detroit Techno hits,mixed on the fly and with panache by
FUCK's finest...DJ Lonely!


1. Electrifying Mojo Intro...
2. Model 500-No UFO's
3. Cybotron-Alleys of Your Mind
4. Plastikman-Plastique
5. Carl Craig-Void 23
6. Aux 88-Electronic Robots
7. DJ Assault-Nigga Music
8. DJ Godfather-OOO Im Tellin
9. Detroit Grand Pubah-After School Special
10.Bileebob-Call Me
11.Underground Resistance-Jupiter Jazz
12.Drexciya-Soul of the Sea

The Electrifying Mojo was a legendary radio DJ in Detroit
who dominated the airwaves in the late 1970's to mid 80's
His experimental, open minded show exposed Detroit to,
Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, George Clinton & P-Funk, Prince,
the B-52's and many others and is credited by many of the Detroit legends
as THE main reason for them getting inspiration to start making Techno...

Prince would grant MOJO interviews when nobody else could get one.
In short a VERY respected and loved DJ by artist nationwide.

We hear him open this set...doing an live introduction at a techno concert of "the Detroit Underground" to a ROAAAARING reception of his many, many thankful fans!
Finishing off with his radio signature classic!

"If you're nearing the end of your rope, remember to hold on...
tie a knot...and don't let go!
Just keep hanging...cause there ain't nobody bad, like you bad!

May the Funk be with you for always!!!

DJ Lonely (
Jonas Ohlsson)

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