From 19.10.2011 Expodium will be in Detroit again.
Following up the first residents in summer 2010, (Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista) and the second, in summer 2011 (Chris Meighan and Jonas Ohlsson) we will be acompanying Friso Wiersum who will be the next resident.
Where Nikos and Joao have been focussing on mapping the social structures and building up an Expodium network, Chris and Jonas have been focussing on Artistic practise.
We know Friso as a historian who is pushing boundaries when they are tight, staying within when they are spacious. A walking paradox? No. A professional in the cultural-political working sphere. He will be focussing on the political and historical situation in D-town and following the same path as his predecessors, he will be processing the experience and info that is gained during his stay after his return back in the Netherlands.

Our Schedule for the upcoming days introducing Friso to our Detroit Network is pretty packed!
We will be taking our new Expothesis by Markus Miessen and 37 contributers to have it introduced in the US of A!

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