Mexican mural

Walking down the street picturing a mural which clearly was never finished I met a girl. She was as kind to leave the pavement and take a detour on the street allowing me to have an open panorama. When I thanked her she looked surprised and stopped. Nervously sucking her sigaret she greeted back. On my question if she knew if the mural would ever be finished, she looked even more puzzled. “Will you do so?” Me laughing, “No I don’t think so, I just wonder who will do so?” On her second question if I was an artist I had to reply “No, even though some would label me like that during my time here, but no. Are you?” “Naah, never was, never will.” Than we looked at eachother and just laughed. Both of us willing to see the mural finished, both of us feeling strange we would never do so. Both of us sad thinking we wouldn’t see that happen.

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