"Resurget Cineribus"

Most likely a lot of people did see the
Johnny Knoxville report on the D. Link here, here, and here. But than who did read all comments? Ah…
Here is selection by my hand of some of those.

Lived here all my life. The past few years,_ there has been an influx of hipsters in downtown. Why? Because they just adore taking pictures of the central station for their 'art' classes.

I admire the positivity and the DIY attitude, but I didn't see much job creation. This will sound cynical, but how many of the people featured were actually getting paid? or how many were living on trust funds. What about seniors,_ didn't see many kids, will these people start families in Detroit, send their kids to the local schools? I know this is aimed at a young trendy market but you need more than organic farmers markets and bands to revive a city

I have yet to see a city whose core is constructed of 20-30yr old, single people flourish. Skate parks don't make the city money. Raves put money in the promoter's pockets and sometimes leave havoc - after the event. Most artists don't have healthy incomes. And gardens feed only a few. Detroit needs to attract tech companies with tax breaks, alternative power industries with land deals and bio-engineering firms with the keys to the city.

Wow, can you interview anybody who's not a fucking 20 year old hipster. Why don't you interview the 58 year old people who have lived, worked and STAYED_ in the city for decades! They've been "saving" the city their whole lives, even after they've had their places shot up and been robbed. They're not just trying to create a steller rave scene. (don't get me wrong, the rave scene in detroit is great but it seems trivial).


  1. Well, those are some clear, outspoken comments. I think most of it is true. In my urban planning studies, we heard a lot about the effect of gentrification: highly trained young 'new' urbanites moving into degraded city blocks and giving it a boost. But changing Detroit is a whole different story. It's not about a few neighborhoods right? It's the whole city and its' economy that needs a make-over.
    A few thousand hipsters(as they're called here) moving in won't do the trick. They are probably even just moving in because of the ridiculously low housing prices...

  2. Anonymous14.12.11

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