maurice's visit

Maurice Hermans lives in from Heerlen, the least popular Dutch city for six years. As a researcher he is connected to the Zuyd University and focuses on identifying new ways of approaching population decline issues.

He visited Detroit while returning from the GLUE conference in Cleveland and meeting up with the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

Luc and Bart met Maurice back in Maastricht during his presentation on shrinkage and the role art should play in redefining the public domain.

We invited him to join us for coffee at Kt's porch and he gave us a short but condensed input on his whereabouts the last weeks. Our talk evolved around the difference in mentality regarding agency and alternative practices between the Detroit state and communities and the Dutch policy and population .

Maurice will be hosting a meeting on shrinkage and alternative practices on the 2nd September back in the Netherlands. We are looking forward to it with the promise of a more elaborate and fruitful exchange.

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