post-cards from Down Town

Last night was the anniversary of the Detroit Riots back in 1967. We took a drive downtown and walked around the city. Bars and clubs and party people and police towing illegally parked vehicles.

"It is impossible to reread in a new way ghost towns and abandoned industrial regions immediately after they have been deserted. Before it can become potential, a place whose history has been written out in full has to pass through a phase of forgetting"
Diedrich Diederichsen, "MUSIC OF THE WASTELANDS Detroit, Bronx, Manchester"

04 Postcards From Downtown by voulos

i lost all my faith in love
on those stairs that november
i know it meant a lot at the time
now i can barely remember
it’s been a long time
it’s been a long time
you said i’ve been alone so long
that i’ve got big theories of lonely
and that i drag them all over town
just to look occupied
but i’m learning something
i’m doing time
red light, green light, one, two, three
have you come to conquer me?
it’s been a long time
hey i know how to take in all kinds
of heartless offers
and i’ve learned how to hand back a few
and i’ve come as close to love
as to walking on water
so what could i do with you?
what will i do with you?
i’m going out now i’ll send you some
postcards from downtown
i’ll show you all the apartments
where i got my degrees
where i’d fall like small dreams
where i’d fade like bright leaves

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