back to the future Part 11

We left early in the morning, avoiding closures and goodbyes.
I am not a goodbye person and under the circumstances, leaving things open seemed the best thing to do.
Don't know when and if I'll be able to come back to Detroit. Don't really know if the ones I met will be there when I have the chance to do so.
I assume and speculate on the future of this city but predictions are founded on mostly temporary facts and practices and the transitory features of Detroit do not hold space for a prefixed outcome.
Detroit is it's people and they are for sure not a homogenic bunch of individuals. Their actions will determine their future as well as the city's. Some will leave and others will come, some will visit and some will stay.
Nine weeks is not three years, but three years is not ten and so on.

What Joao stated regarding our return to the Netherlands is that "we are not going back but forward". It's a "back to the future" kinda thing, realizing that "to" embeds "with", "in" and "on".

I guess Michael J. Fox's current Parkinson state is a visual interpretation of that shaky state of being back and forth, in and out of the past and future. Shaky is the new now.

Detroit is the city of leaving.
Detroit is the city of the future.
Detroit is the city I spent nine weeks of my life in.

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