translation processes

Nikos and Joao at Bobby Perrou room, Detroit July 2010. photo by Kt Andresky.

Where to go and how to begin? Our findings and impressions during our stay in Detroit float in a tank of mixed emotions and daydreams of a soon return.
We are fishing them out, let them dry and arrange them in a highly subjective order.
We named this A TRANSLATION PROCESS and is set to evolve in three stages.

First station is the VISUAL TRANSLATION leading to a white cube exhibition at the Expodium space. Documentation photos are being printed, documents are scanned and objects are photographed, all placed in A4 size papers, building a visual archive of 273 prints.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a booklet with comments, notes and information as "subtitles" for most of the visual archive.

Second stage is a one evening performance at the Impakt Festival 2010 - MATRIX CITY. We are focusing on a bus tour, starting from the center of Utrecht,
passing by the Expodium space and arriving to a secret location near the upcoming center of Leidche Rijn. The viewing landscape will work as a backdrop to a series of "bypolar" narratives shifting between here and Detroit.

Third stage is a lecture/demonstration at Kunstlerhaus Sootborn curated by Kerstin Niemann and Filter Detroit. The event will evolve around notions and concepts of social interaction in the city of Detroit and aims to demonstrate and investigate possibilities of applying those notions in social contexts of western european environments.

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