Translation Process #1: Archive of Impressions

Nikos Doulos Joao Evangelista
1.10.10 - 29.10.10

Detroit's situation can be read as a visual manifestation of the new post-industrial city, a hybrid of a paradoxical alignment of the urdan and the rural, taking place in a single geographical frame, wrapped in a mediatic representation caught between delusion and illusion between " ruin porn" photography and the idea of a safe haven for artist.
The city displays far more complex signals that constitute the begging of a whole new attempt towards gentrification process, suggesting the rebirth of Detroit into a city of the future.

Station #1: Visual Translation- Archive of Impression
The exhibition is a visual amalgam of the one-month "translation process" the artists have undergone since their arrival back in the Netherlands. The gallery becomes a sight where a narrative of images is composed assisted by a script of factual and subjective subtitles.

You are confronted with a series of images - a visual archive - an archive of impression.
Think of them as stills of a movie. A movie that is open ended and has multiple narratives for you to explore.
You are given its script and your choice of movements will animate it.

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