Translation Process #2: Impakt Performance

Nikos Doulos Joao Evangelista
17.10.10 17:00 bus departure at Theater Kikker
( limited capacity)

Expodium’s participation in the Impakt Festival was a commissioned, progress-based work on ‘shrinking cities and emerging strategies’, carried out in a collaboration with the artists Nikos Doulos (Greece) and João Evangelista (Portugal) during a period of 64 days in Detroit.

The event revolved around the traces and marks left on the artists during their residency by means of a modular narrative in stations. Spectators were encouraged to envision the urban landscape in a process of arrivals and departures, an archive of impressions and stories.

An old American school bus took the audience out of the center of Utrecht to Hofstede, a preserved monument - farm, built next to the upcoming center of Leidsche Rijn.

First stop took place at Expodium, where people got confronted with the Visual Archive and were given twenty minutes to dive into it.
The visit to the farm consisted of scripted narratives performed on predefined locations/stations.

The discontinuity in the form of our narratives, shifting from here (Leidsche Rijn) to there (Detroit) and vice versa, served the purpose of highlighting the bypolarity in the co-existence of the urban and the rural, growth and shrinkage, Detroit and the Netherlands. What became of great importance to us was pointing out the need for a collective creative response towards the transitional nature of contemporary urban surroundings.

The city doesn't need artists. it needs persons who can respond creatively to life.
Erin Moran Martinez

first page of the tour script after rehearsal in the rain.

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